While the preparations for NCT USA 2017 are running at full speed, we are proud to share the event highlights with you:

– Workshop on Federal CBRN response & support for local responders;
– Workshop hosted by JPEO-CBD;
– Workshop on the use of Chemical Weapons and IEDs in Syria with the local experts from the Syrian Opposition Forces;
Countering UAVs in a CBRNe environment workshop;
– Civil-military demonstration with Fairfax County Police Bomb Squad and Fire & Rescue Hazmat and 20th CBRNE Command;
– NCT CBRNe BBQ and Static Display of end-user capabilities;
– Free access for JPEO-CBD, 20th CBRNE Command and ECBC with bus transport from Edgewood.


NCT USA 2017 will take place from 19 – 21 September at the Hilton Dulles Hotel in Washington D.C.