IB Consultancy has decided to move the NCT CBRNe USA 2016 event to 31st May – 2nd June 2016. The event will still take place in the Sheraton Pentagon City, and military and government end users can still register for FREE!
The reason for this move is that over the past months,two other conferences were planned at the same dates as NCT CBRNe USA. This, despite the fact that IB Consultancy announced our dates early in 2015. At IB Consultancy we are committed to serving the CBRNe community, and we believe that we would not be serving the community by having three events at the same time in the USA. The community should not be forced to choose, but should be facilitated to attend all events they like to attend. This allows for more knowledge transfer, networking and strengthening of the community. It is for this reason that IB Consultancy has decided to invest in moving its NCT CBRNe USA event to allow all of the CBRNe community to attend NCT CBRNe USA, and one of the other events as well.
The event will host two conferences, and a static display which will include local and federal CBRN responders such as the Arlington FD, FBI and EPA.Our event partners and most of our speakers have already confirmed the new dates, so we expect no changes in the program.
For more information, please visit www.nct-usa.com.