On the 21st of September, NCT USA 2017 will feature a Workshop on Integrated Early Warning by DTRA.

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) will facilitate a discussion on efforts underway to provide a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Integrated Early Warning (IEW) capability that operationalizes sensing and information management technologies, and incorporates threat warning into a novel decision management framework in order to facilitate effective decision making so the United States can continue military operations in a WMD threat environment.  This workshop will feature a brief overview of the DTRA IEW program and invite technical and operational stakeholders to discuss ongoing efforts in a facilitated interactive panel format.

The speakers and panelist are:

The Honorable Donald P. Loren, Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Operations, Security and Preparedness
Mr. Ryan Madden, Supervisory Physical Scientist and Integrated Early Warning Advanced Technology Demonstration Program Manager, DTRA
Mr. Chris Russell, Integrated Early Warning Advanced Technology Demonstration Deputy Program Manager, DTRA
Mr. Mike Midgley, Integrated Early Warning Advanced Technology Demonstration Integrator, DTRA
Dr. Christian Whitchurch,  Chief Scientist, CB Detection and Diagnostics, DTRA
Ms. Fiona Narayanan, DTRA Integrated Early Warning Advanced Technology Demonstration Program Technical Lead for Layered Warning/Decision Support
Mr. Mike Mays, Team Lead for CBRN Sensor Integration on Robotic Platforms (C-SIRP) at the Joint Project Manager for Nuclear Biological and Chemical Contamination Avoidance (JPM-NBC-CA)
MSgt Gabriel Reese, Chief, CBRN Defense Branch, Force Protection Integration Division, Combat Development and Integration, Headquarters U.S. Marine Corps
Mr. Damon Yourchisin, Commandant’s representative to share pre-decisional ‘concept’ for IEW in support of land forces, U.S. Army CBRN School (USCBRNS)/Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE)
Dr. Matt Davenport, Program Manager, Chemical and Biological Defense, Department of Homeland Security