IB Consultancy would like to thank all stakeholders in the CBRNe Community for proposing their research papers, novel ideas and best practices for presentations during the Innovation Stream which will run in parallel with the NCT Conference Stream on June 1.

Our distinguished members of the NCT Scientific Committee decided to accept the following abstracts to be presented during the NCT CBRNe USA 2016 Innovation Stream:

  • “The Threat of Agro-terrorism and Zoonotic Diseases in the United States,” by Gary Flory.
  • “Radioactive Threat Vision via Quantitative Gamma-ray Imaging,” by Ethan Hull.
  • “How Chemical Agent Disclosure Spray Is Revolutionizing the Traditional Way of Chemical Agent Decontamination,” Markus Erbeldinger.
  • “Pervasive Trace Explosive Detection for Enhanced Public Security,” by Aimee Rose.
  • “ISIS Confirmed for CBRNe Acquisition and Proliferation,” by Zamawang Almemar.
  • “Biological Decontaminant Accelerated Spray (BDAS) – An Enhanced Application System for Decontamination and Mitigation of CBW Agents and Biological Pathogens,” by Matthew Bluhm.
  • “Serim® Discern® HME ID – Improving Time on Target Using Dry Reagent Technology,” by Roxana Nicolaescu.
  • “The Development of Asymmetric RN Threats Worldwide,” by Guillermo Velarde, Jose Manuel Perlado and Natividad Carpintero-Santamaria.
  • “Resolve: A New Capability for Rapid Hazardous Materials ID within Sealed Containers,” by Robert Stokes, Dr. Eric Roy and Dr. Oliver Presly.
  • “New Approaches for Stand-off Detection and Decontamination in Case of Chemical Events,” by University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.


The NCT Scientific Committee invites authors of accepted abstracts to submit their final paper by 1 May 2016. Submitted Papers will be published on www.CBRNePortal.com.

Public servants and academics are invited to register for free, while authors from the industry can contact the Secretariat of the NCT Call for Papers for further information.

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In case you are in need of additional support, please contact the Innovation Stream Secretariat through Ms. Basak Kalkavan