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Our range of products cover detection (chemical & biological), individual and collective protection (gas masks, filter canisters, air conditioning and filtration for vehicles or ships) as well as decontamination (aircraft, vehicles, sensitive equipment and people). With 80% of its workforce comprising of technicians and engineers, NBC-Sys can rely on expertise based on creativity, knowhow and customer support.
Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Warfare (CBNW) is the leading journal about defence against CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Weapons and Explosives). Published by React Media and edited by Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI each winter and summer, CBNW is also published online as an 'e-zine', CBNW Digital, every spring and autumn. CBNW brings you in-depth articles by internationally recognised experts and the latest breakthroughs by companies and defence departments in new CBRN defence countermeasures.
TDM publications provide readers with insights into DoD program requirements and industry technologies that support joint force ops including mounted and dismounted protection systems, intel and comms applications, tactics, and training. TDM publications’ mission focus is centered on collecting expert opinion regarding best practices and lessons learned through the eyes of military and civilian authority, warfighters and law enforcement.
Proengin has developed biological and chemical warfare agents field detectors using flame spectrometry: AP4C, handheld chemical detector, for CWA, TICs and others (Non Traditional Agents), AP4C-V, aboard wheeled and tracked reconnaissance vehicles, AP4C-F, on critical buildings and ships, MAB, for biological alarm, AP4C-FB, for full CBRN detection.
At 908 Devices we are building ridiculously small, and simple purpose-built tools based on remarkable mass spectrometry technology. Our flagship product, M908, is used by leading CBRNE organizations around the world for the fast and accurate confirmation of priority chemical threats, including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals, and precursors.
Chemring Sensors and Electronic Systems (CSES) is a world leader in the design, development and production of Counter-IED Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) systems. CSES combat ready GPR systems are the leading edge of mine detection technology and are successfully being used by US and Coalition forces in Afghanistan.
Immediate ResponseTechnologies, LLC manufactures the highest quality, most 
technically advanced Articulating Framed Shelters, Powered Air Purifying Respirators, 
Negative Pressure Individual Isolation Systems and Air Filters/Cartridges anywhere. 
Our products are utilized by all five military branches, the National Guard, 
first responders/receivers, hospitals & law enforcement throughout the U.S. and around the world.
With over 80 years of experience in the life safety product industry, Scott Safety is the consultative partner of choice - providing holistic solutions to help you meet protection requirements, budgetary constraints and your ultimate goal of protecting and defending your front line. Our broad portfolio of products combined with our deep understanding of new and emerging technologies puts us in a unique position to help analyze and predict your changing needs. 

Scott Safety specializes in the design and manufacture of Respiratory Protection Equipment, particularly in Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) defense and in breathing equipment for Naval Damage Control.
Veredus develops, manufactures, and markets innovative multiplexed molecular solutions in the clinical, specialty, and custom testing markets based on STMicroelectronics’ Lab-on-Chip platform. The Lab-on-Chip platform, marketed as the VerePLEX™ biosystem, combines Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) with micro-fluidics to integrate multiplexed DNA amplification with microarray detection for rapid, cost-effective, and accurate analysis of biological materials.
AirBoss-Defense, a world leader in CBRN personal protective equipment (PPE), is an innovative, integrated company that leverages long-standing expertise and advanced technologies to develop, design and produce ergonomic products that achieve the highest quality standards. 
When it comes to safety and security, AirBoss Defense offers The Ultimate Protection.
Tracerco offer a range of award winning radiation monitors, including Contamination, Dose Rate, and Personal Dosimeters. Our monitors are robust, reliable and weatherproof. They are lightweight and easy to handle and operate. We also have a global after sales service for calibration and repair for all types of radiation monitors.
The Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Industry Group is a non-profit organization of 130-plus member companies that are dedicated to providing solutions for the military defense against CBRNe, WMD, domestic preparedness against WMD’s and meeting  requirements of the Chemical Weapons Convention and other related treaties around the world.
Bruker Detection Corporation develops and manufactures a full range of high performance CBRNE detection instruments. Our versatile line of products includes detectors for toxic industrial chemicals, radiation, biological agents, chemical warfare agents, pollutants, drugs, explosives, and environmental compounds. Bruker’s line of instruments includes the RAID series, E2M mobile Mass Spec, and standoff RAPID, all for chemical detection. The RAPID is a passive FTIR system with an extensive library of substances, capable of detecting a chemical release, identifying the chemical, and showing the location of the released cloud from up to 3 miles away.
Heyltex Corporation specializes in the development, manufacturing & international distribution of medical countermeasures for radiological public health emergencies. In cooperation with Heyl chem. pharm. Fabrik Berlin, Heyltex has developed Radiogardase®, an antidote against Cesium-137 which is the only antidote against Cesium-137 approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Ca-DTPA, Zn-DTPA and other chelating agents are also part of our portfolio. Heyltex’ newly launched product, eventPOD™, aims to bring antidotes together in a module which temporarily increases medical preparedness of organizers of High Visibility Events (HVE).
Luminex is committed to creating innovative, breakthrough solutions to help our customers improve health and advance science worldwide. We serve the needs of our customers in diverse markets including clinical diagnostics, pharmaceutical drug discovery, biomedical research, including genomic and proteomic research, personalized medicine, biodefense research and food safety.
Q-linea develops advanced molecular analysis methods and instrumentation based on a proprietary technology platform. 
The Q-linea system Aquila 1000 is a fully automated, 24/7 operation demonstrator for identification of airborne bioterror agents. The system identifies DNA and/or protein targets at state-of-the art sensitivity with an analysis time of one hour.
The ICCSS fosters national-level initiatives that support local governments and industry in meeting the challenges posed by hazardous materials. Its programs focus on identifying and addressing safety and security issues in the production, storage, use and transport of hazardous materials, including chemical, biological and nuclear materials and their waste.
Thermo Scientific chemical identification tools deliver precise, actionable intelligence to chemical battalions, military, bomb squads and law enforcement worldwide.  Built on the strength of field-proven FirstDefender and TruDefender, the new Thermo Scientific Gemini analyzer is the first handheld to integrate Raman and FTIR for fast, safe, confident chemical ID results.
DxTerity Diagnostics is developing REDI-Dx (Radiation Exposure Dosimetry Index) that can rapidly identify people exposure to ionizing radiation in nuclear accidents from a drop of blood. REDI-Dx is designed to give responders and clinicians critical information that can help them manage triage and care of potentially thousands of patients. When combined with deployed situational awareness platforms, REDI-Dx can provide critical information for the clinical management of radiation injuries and confirming nonexposure.
SRC is a not-for-profit research and development company and SRCTec is its high-tech manufacturing and life cycle management subsidiary. Together, they are redefining possible® with unique, next-generation solutions of national significance in defense, environment and intelligence.
Serim Research Corporation is an independent research, development and manufacturing company that specializes in innovative dry reagent test strip technology used in the Discern® HME kits. Serim test strips provide the advantages of being able to analyze samples at the point-of-use using a simple procedure that can be performed with little training, no special equipment and avoids the inconvenience of storing, handling, and mixing hazardous liquid reagents.
Meso Scale Defense (MSD®) multiplex assays quantitatively detect multiple agents (toxins, viruses, and bacteria) simultaneously in a single sample, using exceptionally sensitive and robust electrochemiluminescence (ECL) technology.  With a product line reaching from the central lab to the field, MSD provides biodefense solutions that are rapid, accurate, and scalable.
Kestrel Corporation is specialized in solving unique sensing and detection needs for government and commercial applications. Founded in 1993, Kestrel has developed capabilities in the areas of Adaptive Optics, Infrared Laser Spectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging. Its solutions have been used for safe stand-off detection of threats, non-invasive biomedical diagnostics and other remote sensing applications.
Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC), an instrumentation manufacturer founded in 1963, is celebrating 50 years of innovation. BNC manufactures industry-leading lines of precision test, measurement and nuclear instrumentation. BNC's third generation of RIID units, combine fast 
spectroscopic isotope identification with ANSI detailing, GPS location and photography all in one report.
Meridian Medical Technologies, Inc., has been putting emergency care treatment options into the hands of military and civilian defenders for more than 50 years. Meridian is committed to help defend against critical, time-sensitive, life-or-death situations by providing medical countermeasures to the US Department of Defense, Emergency Medical Services, Homeland Security, and more than 30 nations around the world.
Security & Border Protection doubled with CST & CBRNE Source Book is a focused magazine providing updates on programs and applications from the NGB, WMD, CSTs, Homeland Response Force (HRF) units, Army and Air NG CBRN Emergency 
Response Force, and ChemBio Incident Response Force for Recon and Decon.
Air Techniques International has been a pioneer and market leader in optical detection technology for more than 50 years. ATI’s products are used in a wide range of mission critical functions including pharmaceutical manufacturing, nuclear materials processing and power generation, and defense applications. ATI is the designer and manufacturer of the JSMLT (Joint Service Mask Leakage Tester) used by the U.S. military to test respirator mask integrity against CBRN threats. At NCT CBRNe USA, ATI will unveil its newest product, the EBS, representing the latest technology in real-time biological threat detection and classification.
Passport Systems Inc. provides technologies that protect people, borders and economies with the first 3D Scanner for ports and the first wearable networked radiation detection system. Designed to meet the need for agility and sensitivity, SmartShieldTM System is comprised of detectors that fit on the user’s belt, identify and locate sources, provide full situational awareness, and are easy to deploy.
Endeavor Robotics (formerly iRobot Defense & Security) is the largest independent supplier of battle-tested UGVs to customers worldwide. Across our family of robots, ranging from 5 to 500 lbs, we have delivered more than 6,000 tactical unmanned vehicles to protect those in harm’s way. Endeavor Robotics brings an established leadership team with decades of experience in the mobile robot industry, the best roboticists who collaborate with end-users to develop robots for worldwide markets, and veteran field service engineers who keep you in the fight.
The Camthrax provides a unique combination of speed, accuracy, and reliability to offer a powerful and easy to use white powder anthrax screening system. It provides first responders with the fastest, fully portable point of use detection to alert them of the presence of potential biohazard agents. Eliminating the need for expensive trained personnel and disposables or reagents, its ruggedized design allows for durable use in all types of environments.
StemRad is an Israeli-American company that develops, manufactures and sells personal protective equipment (PPE) for gamma radiation. Its flagship product is the 360 Gamma, a radiation protection device which protects the user's bone marrow. It is the world's only company to provide life-saving protection from high dose gamma radiation.
Argon provide world leading CBRN / HazMat training systems and educational resources. Visit our booth to see how our JCAD, RAID M100, AP4C and PDR77 / VDR2 / RDS100 simulators can greatly enhance your CBRN exercises to help you ensure and verify response readiness. Also showing is PlumeSIM, our Live and Virtual CBRN training system
Avon Protection Systems, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of personal respiratory protection products for use in CBRN, TIC and TIM applications. For 90 years Avon Protection has developed innovative PPE for the military, law enforcement, specialist operators, first responders and industrial workers worldwide.
The HDIAC is a critical DoD resource for analyzing scientific and technical information required by today's Warfighter. The HDIAC utilizes expertise and knowledge from government, research institutions, laboratories, industry, and academia to solve the toughest scientific and technical problems for DoD and the U.S. Government.
Zodiac Aero Evacuation Systems (ZAES) (subsidiary of Zodiac Aerospace), a pioneer in the development of inflatable technologies, offers a complete line of Inflatable Decontamination Shelters and Emergency Response Systems. With over 65 years of innovative ideas and experience, ZAES remains the industry standard for inflatable safety technology.
PHDS Co. is an innovative manufacturer of custom and commercial gamma-ray imaging detector systems and high-resolution gamma cameras. The latest product, the GeGI (Germanium Gamma-ray Imager), has the unprecedented ability to rapidly detect, locate, identify and quantify radioactive sources at safe standoff distances. This is achieved by overlaying a gamma-ray image on an optical image to clearly show the radioactive-source identities, locations and quantities on an intuitive visual interface thus allowing CBRNE personnel to rapidly qualify potential threats from a standoff distance before committing to close-proximity intervention.
FLIR Detection provides leading-edge instruments that help customers sense and see critical CBRNE threats. Our multi-use products provide cost-effective, high-performance solutions for defense, counterterrorism, homeland security, law enforcement, public safety, health, environmental and commercial organizations around the globe. The new identiFINDER R200 and Fido X2 will be on display.
BBI Detection specializes in the development and supply of innovative technologies for rapid sampling and identification of biothreats and explosives to the global military, first responder, and security markets. Our IMASS™ directly samples powders, surfaces and liquids then simultaneously runs up to eight assays
ORTEC is a leading manufacturer of instrumentation for detecting and identifying Nuclear, Chemical, and Explosive threats. ORTEC’s strong commitment to hardware design for critical applications has earned our Detective line of Radioisotope Identifiers to be recognized as the “Gold Standard” for providing accurate identification of radiological and nuclear threats. ORTEC's PINS-3 system has become the standard for DoD for non destructive assay of chemical and explosive threats.
Decon7 Systems LLC develops and manufactures tactical decontamination solutions for military, public safety, and security professionals worldwide. On top of large scale solutions, D7's portable, ready-to-use low burden systems are able to seamlessly reduce the spread of contamination and minimize exposure risk to soldiers and first responders.
Kärcher Futuretech GmbH with its headquarters in Schwaikheim develops, manufactures, and markets modular products and systems worldwide for rapid deployment missions in disaster areas and complex emergencies. The company offers solutions in the product categories: Water Supply Systems, Mobile Catering Systems, Field Camp Systems and CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) Protection Systems. Futuretech was spun off in 2005 and became an independent subsidiary of Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG. Today the company employs around 120 people.

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Copybook- Military is a leading B2B platform serving the armed forces industry around the world. Reach buyers effectively with our one stop multimedia-rich profiles which include articles, videos, images, social media and more to showcase your company and products. 

Copybook- Military is part of the Copybook Global Business Network.
Chemical, Biological & Nuclear Warfare (CBNW) is the leading journal about defence against CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Weapons and Explosives). Published by React Media and edited by Andy Oppenheimer AIExpE MIABTI each winter and summer, CBNW is also published online as an 'e-zine', CBNW Digital, every spring and autumn. CBNW brings you in-depth articles by internationally recognised experts and the latest breakthroughs by companies and defence departments in new CBRN defence countermeasures.
Global Biodefense publishes the latest news on vaccine and therapeutics countermeasure development, biosurveillance and detection technologies, food safety and biosecurity, and CBRN preparedness and response. Visit to access daily news updates, organization profiles, conference listings, and the latest funding opportunities for advancing biodefense technology. is the world's leading security industry publication, with an audience of over 180,000 visits monthly. US Edition specifically dedicated to US and Americas security market. Website also features in-depth coverage of products and applications in vertical markets such as airport & ports, retail and industrial & commercial security. is the fire industry’s most comprehensive source for fire and safety product information. Our extensive product database covers thousands of firefighting and fire protection products that include fire pumps, hoses, fire monitors, nozzles, firefighter masks, personal protective equipment (PPE) and fire radios etc. from leading manufacturers. The website also features essential industry news, updated daily; an events calendar, and a comprehensive company directory showcasing companies in the fire industry from around the world. For regular updates, register now at
The is the online portal, providing first responders, policy makers and other CBRNe stakeholders with timely and relevant information in the field of CBRNe. The aims to bring together professionals in the field of CBRN and E in one online community. It will also connect policymakers and non-proliferation stakeholders with responders and security professionals, forging a link between the world of treaties and policies, and the world of practical response. The is a vision of IB Consultancy.
Crisis Response Journal is the international publication focusing on response, resilience, continuity and security issues arising from large scale natural and man-made disasters, emergencies and terrorist attacks. CRJ analyses past events to draw vital lessons for the future, while constantly scanning the horizon to identify and help mitigate new threats.
Health Security (formerly Biosecurity and Bioterrorism) is a peer-reviewed journal providing research and essential guidance for the protection of people’s health after epidemics or disasters and for ensuring that communities are resilient to major challenges. The Journal is a key resource for health and government officials, policymakers, and scientific experts. is the B2B portal for Aerospace and Defense Industry with database containing more than 4000 companies and 3484 defense industrial sectors. Add Company for free: Tel.: + 372 816 946 77, e-mail:
HOMELAND SECURITY is a publishing house that produces specialist periodicals. “Homeland Security“ is a specialist periodical in the German language and “Global Security“ is released in the English language. They focus on international political, scientific, technical and additional up-to-date challenges arising from the sectors of safety and security, civil protection, disaster assistance and security research. The periodicals aim at decision makers in politics, ministries, public services and industry. Our specialist editorial team is located all over the world (e. g. Australia, Asia, Canada, Japan, USA). Accordingly, reporting is being carried out on the spot.
Counter-IED Report is a leading international subscription-based publication, which serves as an information source to communicate the latest developments in the fight against the IED threat. The aim of the Counter-IED Report is to identify technological advances as well as strategies and tactics for countering threat networks, reduce IED manufacture and placement, assist post-conflict humanitarian demining and capacity building efforts worldwide. We strive to deliver an up-to-date, first-hand expert knowledge, and facilitate information sharing between stakeholders, academia and the industry.
Defence provides a unique platform to present your latest equipment and systems to the world's defence and security industry. 

We are the defence industry's number one information resource for MODs, DODs, decision makers, governments, prime contractors, service chiefs, defence ministers, police forces and system integrators. 

The portal provides an opportunity for visitors to develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities.
GeoConnexion International is the leading business-to-business monthly for users of spatial professionals  across the globe. It covers applications of GIS, GPS and remote sensing within industry sectors, such as telecoms, emergency services, public safety, government, utilities and retailing. is a free online news and product resource for the global defense and aerospace industry. DefenseFile is a valuable resource for procurement executives and others involved in specifying and purchasing defense-related goods and services. The website and email newsletter cover aerospace, marine and navy, land, manufacturing, services for the defense industry, personnel and backup equipment. DefenseFile can be accessed free of charge, plus there is a free monthly email newsletter.